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r$  39,00

Brioche bun, 180g blend patty, “Minas padrão” cheese and homemade mayo


r$  46,00

Brioche bun, 180g blend patty, Gorgonzola cheese, sweet pepper jelly & grilled pineapple slice

#3    X-BLACK 

r$  45,00

Australian black bread, 180g blend patty, cheese cream and crafted dark bear caramelized onions 

#4    X-RIBS

r$  49,00

Brioche bun, 200g special 100% ribs burger, “Minas padrão” cheese, pickles and homemade mayo

#5    X-BEANS

vegetarian option

r$  39,00

Australian black bread, 180g black- eyed beans burger, “Minas padrão” cheese, cress and spicy honey

Double patty burger   r$ 12,00                 Extra sauce   r$ 3,00

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