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#1    Fish Tenders

r$  69,00

400g breaded white fish fillet bites with special homemade sauce 

#2    Sautéed Shrimp 

r$  79,00

500g of seasoned sautéed shrimp

#3    Bacon Cracklings 

r$  45,00

450g of crunchy pancetta 

#4    Calabrese Sausage with onions

400g of sliced Calabrese sausage with onions and bread

half portion

r$  45,00

r$  25,00

#5    Brie cheese bites

r$  40,00

150g of breaded Brie cubes with spicy honey and guava sauce

#6    Chicken Tenders

r$  49,00

450g of chicken breast tenders with homemade garlic mayo

r$  25,00

half portion

#7    Rustic Potatoes 

r$  35,00

400g of rustic potatoes served with bacon “farofa” (seasoned cassava flour), fried garlic, smoked paprika and cheese sauce 

#8    Traditional French fries 

r$  35,00

400g of French fries with cheese sauce

#9    Ham Shank sandwich 

r$  35,00

Pork ham, baked garlic mayo, pickles, vinaigrette dressing & toasted white “Minas padrão“ cheese

#10    Fried Fish

r$  36,00

400g of whole fried fish seasoned with lemon and salt

#11    Charcuterie & Cheese platter

r$  49,00

Parmesan, Brie and “Minas Padrão” cheeses with Italian salami, olives and pickles 

* box to go - R$3,00

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